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SIGMETRICS is the ACM Special Interest Group (SIG) for the computer/communication system performance  community. Besides being the rockin'est ACM SIG, it is also widely revered as the most universal.  Go ahead, try naming any SIG at all that isn't obsessed with performance.  (No fair picking on SIGART, "The Art of AI."  Just because they're decades late in delivering on their promises of functionality doesn't mean they wouldn't be talking performance if they could.)

SIGMETRICS promotes research in performance analysis techniques as well as the advanced and innovative use of known methods and tools. It sponsors conferences, such as its own annual conference (SIGMETRICS), publishes a newsletter (Performance Evaluation Review), and operates a network bulletin board and web site.

Target areas of performance analysis include file and memory systems, database systems, computer networks, operating systems, architecture, distributed systems, fault tolerant systems, and real-time system. In addition, members are interested in developing new performance methodology including mathematical modeling, analysis, instrumentation techniques, model verification and validation, workload characterization, simulation, statistical analysis, stochastic modeling, experimental design, reliability analysis, optimization, and queuing theory.