Venue of SIGMETRICS 2018


Irvine, California, USA
June 18-22, 2018

Accepted Papers

Summer Deadline

  • Safe Randomized Load-Balanced Switching By Diffusing Extra Loads by S. Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology), B. Lin (University of California, San Diego), J. Xu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Predictive Impact Analysis for Designing a Resilient Cellular Backhaul Network by S. Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology), H. Yan (AT&T Labs - Research), Z. Ge (AT&T Labs - Research), D. Wang (AT&T Labs - Research), J. Xu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Censored Demand Estimation in Retail by M. Amjad (MIT), D. Shah (MIT)
  • Online Learning of Optimally Diverse Rankings by S. Magureanu (Klarna AB), A. Proutiere (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), M. Isaksson (Spotify AB), B. Zhang (Spotify AB)
  • A Refined Mean Field Approximation by N. Gast (Inria), B. Van Houdt (University of Antwerp)
  • Towards Fast-Convergence, Low-Delay and Low-Complexity Network Optimization by S. Wang (The Ohio State University), N. Shroff (The Ohio State University)
  • On Non-Preemptive VM Scheduling in the Cloud by K. Psychas (Columbia University), J. Ghaderi (Columbia University)
  • An Optimal Randomized Online Algorithm for QoS Buffer Management by L. Yang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), W. Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), M. Hajiesmaili (Johns Hopkins University)
  • On the Convergence Rate of Distributed Gradient Methods for Finite-Sum Optimization under Communication Delays by T. Doan (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), C. Beck (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), R. Srikant (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  • The PDE Method for the Analysis of Randomized Load Balancing Networks by R. Aghajani (University of California San Diego), X. Li (University of North Carolina Charlotte), K. Ramanan (Brown University)
  • Designing Low-Complexity Heavy-Traffic Delay-Optimal Load Balancing Schemes: Theory to Algorithms by X. Zhou (The Ohio State University), F. Wu (The Ohio State University), J. Tan (The Ohio State University), Y. Sun (Temple University), N. Shroff (The Ohio State University)
  • Towards Optimality in Parallel Job Scheduling by B. Berg (Carnegie Mellon University), J. Dorsman (University of Amsterdam), M. Harchol-Balter (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Performance of Balanced Fairness in Resource Pools: A Recursive Approach by T. Bonald (Telecom ParisTech), C. Comte (Nokia Bell Labs - Télécom ParisTech), F. Mathieu (Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Tomographic Node Placement Strategies and the Impact of the Routing Model by Y. Pignolet (ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland), S. Schmid (Aalborg University, Denmark), G. Tredan (CNRS Toulouse, France)
  • The CSI Framework for Compiler-Inserted Program Instrumentation by T. Schardl (MIT), T. Denniston (MIT), D. Doucet (MIT), B. Kuszmaul (MIT), I. Lee (Washington University in St. Louis), C. Leiserson (MIT)
  • Distributed Statistical Machine Learning in Adversarial Settings: Byzantine Gradient Descent by Y. Chen (Cornell University), L. Su (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), J. Xu (Purdue University)
  • A Fine-grained Event-based Modem Power Model for Enabling In-depth Modem Energy Drain Analysis by X. Chen (Purdue University), J. Meng (Purdue University), Y. Hu (Purdue University), M. Gupta (Intel Corp.), R. Hasholzner (Intel Corp.), V. Ekambaram (Intel Corp.), A. Singh (Intel Corp.), S. Srikanteswara (Intel Corp.)

Fall Deadline

  • PreFix: Switch Failure Prediction in Datacenter Networks by S. Zhang (Nankai University), Y. Liu (Tsinghua University), W. Meng (Tsinghua University), Z. Luo (Zhejiang University), J. Bu (Tsinghua University), S. Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology), P. Liang (University of Notre Dame), D. Pei (Tsinghua University), J. Xu (Georgia Institute of Technology), Y. Zhang (Nankai University), Y. Chen (Baidu, Inc), H. Dong (Baidu, Inc), X. Qu (Baidu, Inc), L. Song (Baidu, Inc)
  • Dynamic Proportional Sharing: A Game-Theoretic Approach by S. Zahedi (Duke University), R. Freeman (Duke University), V. Conitzer (Duke University), B. Lee (Duke University)
  • Network Resilience and the Length-Bounded Multicut Problem: Reaching the Dynamic Billion-Scale with Guarantees by A. Kuhnle (University of Florida), V. Crawford (University of Florida), M. Thai (University of Florida)
  • On Resource Pooling and Separation for LRU Caching by J. Tan (The Ohio State University), G. Quan (The Ohio State University), K. Ji (The Ohio State University), N. Shroff (The Ohio State University)
  • Why Some Like It Loud: Timing Power Attacks in Multi-tenant Data Centers Using an Acoustic Side Channel by M. Islam (UC Riverside), L. Yang (UC Riverside), K. Ranganath (UC Riverside), S. Ren (UC Riverside)
  • Asymptotic optimal control of Markov-modulated restless bandits by S. Duran (CNRS, LAAS), I. Verloop (CNRS, IRIT)
  • Supporting Mobile VR in LTE Networks: How Close Are We? by Z. Tan (University of California, Los Angeles), Y. Li (University of California, Los Angeles), Q. Li (University of California, Los Angeles), Z. Zhang (University of California, Los Angeles), Z. Li (University of California, Los Angeles), S. Lu (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • ECI-Cache: A High-Endurance and Cost-Efficient I/O Caching Scheme for Virtualized Platforms by S. Ahmadian (Sharif University of Technology), O. Mutlu (ETH Zurich), H. Asadi (Sharif University of Technology)
  • Bootstrapped Graph Diffusions: Exposing the Power of Nonlinearity by E. Buchnik (Tel Aviv University), E. Cohen (Google Research, Tel Aviv University)
  • Minimizing Queue Length Regret Under Adversarial Network Models by Q. Liang (MIT), E. Modiano (MIT)
  • Online Learning in Weakly Coupled Markov Decision Processes: A Convergence Time Study by X. Wei (USC), H. Yu (USC), M. Neely (USC)
  • Multi-armed Bandit with Additional Observations by D. Yun (Naver Corporation), S. Ahn (KAIST), A. Proutiere (KTH), J. Shin (KAIST), Y. Yi (KAIST)
  • Asymptotically Optimal Load Balancing Topologies by D. Mukherjee (Eindhoven University of Technology), S. Borst (Eindhoven University of Technology and Nokia Bell Labs), J. van Leeuwaarden (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • A Whittle's Index Based Approach for QoE Optimization in Wireless Networks by A. Anand (University of Texas at Austin), G. de Veciana (University of Texas at Austin)
  • SOAP: One Clean Analysis of All Age-Based Scheduling Policies by Z. Scully (CMU), M. Harchol-Balter (CMU), A. Scheller-Wolf (CMU)
  • Hound: Causal Learning for Datacenter-scale Straggler Diagnosis by P. Zheng (Duke University), B. C.Lee (Duke University)
  • On a Class of Stochastic Multilayer Networks by B. Jiang (University of Massachusetts Amherst), P. Nain (Inria), D. Towsley (University of Massachusetts Amherst), S. Guha (University of Arizona)
  • Working set size estimation techniques in virtualized environments: One size does not fit all by V. Nitu (IRIT/Toulouse University, France), A. Kocharyan (IRIT/Toulouse University, France), H. Yaya (IRIT/Toulouse University, France), A. Tchana (IRIT/Toulouse University, France), D. Hagimont (IRIT/Toulouse University, France), H. Astsatryan (Institute for Informatics and Automation Problem, Armenia)
  • Reinforcement with fading memories by K. Xu (Stanford University), S. Yun (KAIST)
  • Degree of Queue Imbalance: Overcoming the Limitation of Heavy-traffic Delay Optimality in Load Balancing Systems by X. Zhou (The Ohio State University), F. Wu (The Ohio State University), J. Tan (The Ohio State University), K. Srinivasan (The Ohio State University), N. Shroff (The Ohio State University)
  • Synthesis of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Router Configurations by K. Subramanian (University of Wisconsin-Madison), L. D'Antoni (University of Wisconsin-Madison), A. Akella (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Winter Deadline

  • What Your DRAM Power Models Are Not Telling You: Lessons from a Detailed Experimental Study by S. Ghose (Carnegie Mellon University), A. Yaglikci (Carnegie Mellon University), R. Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University), D. Lee (NVIDIA), K. Kudrolli (Carnegie Mellon University), W.X. Liu (Carnegie Mellon University), H. Hassan (ETH Zurich), K. Chang (Carnegie Mellon University), N. Chatterjee (NVIDIA), A. Agrawal (NVIDIA), M. O'Connor (NVIDIA / Univ. of Texas at Austin), O. Mutlu (ETH Zurich / Carnegie Mellon University)
  • An Optimal Algorithm for Online Non-Convex Learning by L. Yang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), L. Deng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), M. Hajiesmaili (Johns Hopkins University), C. Tan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), W. Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Neural Network Meets DCN: Traffic-driven Topology Adaption with Deep Learning by M. Wang (Tsinghua University), Y. Cui (Tsinghua University), S. Xiao (Huawei Technologies), X. Wang (Stony Brook University), D. Yang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), K. Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), J. Zhu (Tsinghua University)
  • On the Power-of-d-choices with Least Loaded Server Selection by T. Hellemans (University of Antwerp), B. Van Houdt (University of Antwerp)
  • Intel MPX Explained: A Cross-layer Analysis of the Intel MPX System Stack by O. Oleksenko (TU Dresden), D. Kuvaiskii (TU Dresden), P. Bhatotia (University of Edinburgh), P. Felber (University of Neuchâtel), C. Fetzer (TU Dresden)
  • Fork and Join Queueing Networks with Heavy Tails: Scaling Dimension and Throughput Limit by Y. Zeng (The Ohio State University), J. Tan (The Ohio State University), C. Xia (The Ohio State University)
  • Dandelion++: Lightweight Cryptocurrency Networking with Formal Anonymity Guarantees by G. Fanti (CMU), S. Venkatakrishnan (MIT), S. Bakshi (UIUC), B. Denby (CMU), S. Bhargava (UIUC), A. Miller (UIUC), P. Viswanath (UIUC)
  • State Dependent Control of Closed Queueing Networks by S. Banerjee (Cornell University), Y. Kanoria (Columbia University), P. Qian (Columbia University)
  • The Price of Fragmentation in Mobility-on-Demand Services by T. Sejourne (Ecole Polytechnique), S. Samaranayake (Cornell University), S. Banerjee (Cornell University)
  • The Cost of Uncertainty in Curing Epidemics by J. Hoffmann (University of Texas at Austin), C. Caramanis (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Practical Bounds on Optimal Caching with Variable Object Sizes by D. Berger (Carnegie Mellon University), N. Beckmann (Carnegie Mellon University), M. Harchol-Balter (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • LTERadar: Towards LTE-Aware Wi-Fi Access Points by C. Vlachou (HPE Labs, USA), I. Pefkianakis (HPE Labs, USA), K. Kim (HPE Labs, USA)
  • Delay Scaling in Many-Sources Wireless Networks without Queue State Information by S. Borst (Nokia Bell Labs), M. Zubeldia (MIT)
  • A Quantitative Evaluation of Contemporary GPU Simulation Methodology by A. Jain (Purdue Univ.), M. Khairy (Purdue Univ.), T.G. Rogers (Purdue Univ.)
  • Learning Proportionally Fair Allocations with Low Regret by M.S. Talebi (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), A. Proutiere (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Improving 3D NAND Flash Memory Lifetime by Tolerating Early Retention Loss and Process Variation by Y. Luo (CMU), S. Ghose (CMU), Y. Cai (SK Hynix), E. Haratsch (Seagate Technology), O. Mutlu (ETH Zurich)