SEATTLE, WA, USA - JUNE 15-19, 2009

ACM SIGMETRICS 2009 Student Travel Support

The goal of the travel grant program is to encourage participation in the SIGMETRICS 2009 conference by students that would normally find it difficult to attend. Applications are accepted from students at degree granting institutions throughout the world.

The travel grant will include a free registration to the SIGMETRICS Conference and a maximum amount of $300 USD to contribute towards travel cost and lodging expenses, with the amount of support depending on the total funds available, the location of the student's institution and the number of qualifying applications received.  

Higher priority will generally be given to students who have serious interests in SIGMETRICS but do not have guaranteed financial support from their home organization (e.g., students without a full paper – the committee believes that full paper authors should be covered by their advisors). The committee will also give higher priority to students who have *not* received travel grants from SIGMETRICS in the past. SIGMETRICS 2009 particularly encourages participation of women and under-represented minorities.

Who Should Apply?

All graduate students (Ph.D. students preferred) are encouraged to apply. Selection criteria will include evidence of a serious interest in measurement and modeling of computer systems, as demonstrated by publications, coursework, and project experience. Activities such as past or future SIGMETRICS paper submissions or conference participation would help. Students are highly encouraged to attend the Tutorial program and the Student Activities.  

How to Apply

An application for a travel grant will consist of:

1. a letter from the student,
2. the student's curriculum vitae, and
3. a recommendation letter from the student's advisor.

The letter from the student should:

  • indicate why the student believes he or she would benefit from attending the SIGMETRICS 2009 conference,
  • briefly summarize research interests and accomplishments to date,
  • describe areas reflected in the SIGMETRICS 2009 program that would impact the student's research,
  • indicate whether he or she has received the SIGMETRICS travel grant in the past, and
  • (Optional:) indicate their gender and ethnicity information.

The letter from the student's advisor should:

  • indicate why the advisor believes the student would benefit from attending the conference, and
  • give the advisor's opinion about the strengths and potential research contributions of the student.

Please send application and recommendation letters in ASCII or PDF format (only) by e-mail to: Abhishek Chandra (chandra at cs dot umn dot edu) with the subject line “ACM SIGMETRICS 2009 Student Travel Grant Application." The applications will be reviewed and decisions will be made by a review committee.

The advisor's recommendation letter may either be sent by the student along with the first two items, or separately by the advisor.

Reimbursement Procedure

Granted financial support will be in the form of a free conference registration, and the grant amount will be offered through a reimbursement check. Further details will be announced in the notification email.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for receipt of applications and recommendation letters: May 8, 2009.
    Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • Notification date: May 20, 2009.

Travel Grant Application Review Committee

  • Travel Grant Application Review Committee:
    Abhishek Chandra, University of Minnesota
    Arif Merchant, HP Labs
    Hao Yang, IBM TJ Watson

Student Travel Support Sponsors:

IBM Research HP Labs National Science Foundation