Technical Program

Session 1
Chair: Niklas Carlsson
Keynote Talk (45min)

The New Sharing Economy for the Grid2050
Kameshwar Poolla, UC Berkeley
2 Papers (20min each)

Opportunities for Price Manipulation by Aggregators in Electricity Markets
N. A. Ruhi, N. Chen, K. Dvijotham, and A. Wierman (California Institute of Technology). Winner of the Best Student Paper Award.

Optimizing the Level of Commitment in Demand Response
J. Comden, Z. Liu, and Y. Zhao (Stony Brook University)
Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: Adam Wierman
Keynote Talk (45min)

When Bits Meet Joules: A View From Data Center Operations' Perspective
Xue (Steve) Liu, McGill University
2 Papers (20min each)

An Emergency Demand Response Mechanism for Cloud Computing
R. Zhou and Z. Li (University of Calgary) and C. Wu (The University of Hong Kong).

Geographical Load Balancing Across Green Datacenters: a Mean Field Analysis

G. Neglia (INRIA-Sophia Antipolis), M. Sereno (Universita' di Torino), and G. Bianchi (Universita' di Roma "Tor Vergata")

Session 3
Chair: Adam Wierman
Keynote Talk (45min)

Virtual Inertia Emulation and Placement in Power Grids
Florian Dörfler, ETH Zürich
2 Papers (20min each)

Emergence of Shared Behaviour in Distributed Scheduling Systems for Domestic Appliances
A. Facchini and C. Rottondi (Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence) and G. Verticale (Politecnico di Milano)

AURORA: an Energy Efficient Public Lighting IoT System for Smart Cities
C. Rossi (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella), M. Getani and A. Defina (Microsoft Innovation Center), and F. Dominici (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella)

Coffee Break
Session 4
Chair: Catherine Rosenberg
3 Papers (20min each)

Radio Resource Management for Improving Energy Self-Sufficiency of Green Mobile Networks
M. Dalmasso, M. Meo, and D. Renga (Politecnico di Torino)

Boosting Service Availability for Base Stations of Cellular Networks by Event-Driven Battery Profiling
X. Fan (Simon Fraser University), F. Wang (University of Mississippi), and J. Liu (Simon Fraser University)

Toward Power-Efficient Backbone Routers
J. Lu (Tsinghua University), L. Liu and J. Xu (Georgia Institute of Technology), and B. Liu (Tsinghua University)

Best Paper Award Ceremony and Closing Remarks