Technical Program

Session 1
Keynote (45min)

Data and Metrics for Power Grids and Energy Supply Sustainability
Peter W. Sauer, UIUC
2 Papers (20min each)

Distributed Algorithm Design for Probabilistic Demand Response
Joshua Comden, Zhenhua Liu and Yue Zhao.

Summary of Recent Results: Crowd-Sourced Storage-Assisted Demand-Response in Microgrids
Mohammad Hajiesmaili, Minghua Chen, Enrique Mallada and Chi-Kin Chau.

Coffee Break
Session 2
Keynote (45min)

Staring at the Sun: Solar Energy Analytics and their Privacy Implications
David Irwin, UMass Amherst
2 Papers (20min each)

Optimal Energy Procurement for Geo-distributed Data Centers in Multi-timescale Electricity Markets
Tan N. Le, Jie Liang, Zhenhua Liu, Ramesh K. Sitaraman, Jayakrishnan Nair and Bong Jun Choi.

Phase Balancing in Power Distribution Network with Data Center

Wei Wang and Nanpeng Yu.

Session 3
Keynote (45min)

Report from the Arch2030 Visioning Workshop: Where are Computer Architects headed and what does it mean for GreenMetrics?
Thomas Wenisch, U Michigan
2 Papers (20min each)

A Case Study of Energy Efficiency on a Heterogeneous Multi-Processor
Hitoshi Oi.

GPGPU Power Estimation with Core and Memory Frequency Scaling
Qiang Wang and Xiaowen Chu.

Coffee Break
Session 4
5 Papers (20min each)

Black-box Solar Performance Modeling: Comparing Physical, Machine Learning, and Hybrid Approaches
Dong Chen and David Irwin.

Battery Swapping Assignment for Electric Vehicles: A Bipartite Matching Approach
Pengcheng You, Youxian Sun, John Pang, Steven Low and Minghua Chen.

Distributed Lagrangian Method for Tie-Line Scheduling in Power Grids under Uncertainty
Thinh Doan, Subhonmesh Bose and Carolyn Beck.

A First Look at Power Attacks in Multi-Tenant Data Centers
Mohammad A. Islam, Shaolei Ren and Adam Wierman.

Load-side Frequency Regulation with Limited Control Coverage
John Pang, Linqi Guo and Steven Low.

Best Paper Award Ceremony and Closing Remarks