Venue of SIGMETRICS 2021


Beijing, China
June 14-18, 2021


SIGMETRICS is proudly committed to supporting the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within its research community. Our belief is that all SIG-sponsored conferences should provide an open intellectual forum for the discussion of ideas in a professional and respectful manner, without any fear of bias, discrimination, harassment, or retribution. These principles apply to our conferences whether they are held virtually, in-person, or any combination thereof. Furthermore, these principles apply throughout all aspects of the conference experience, including the reviewing and publishing process.

As part of our commitment, we will be piloting an ad-hoc CARES committee at ACM SIGMETRICS 2021 to assist with the collection and reporting of any EDI-related issues associated with the conference. The mandate of this committee will be similar to those of the CARES committees pioneered by SIGARCH and SIGCOMM. The initial membership of our committee will be drawn in part from the existing SIGMETRICS Equality and Diversity Committee, with additional at-large members sought from the research community on a volunteer basis. Please contact Niklas Carlsson ( by June 3 if you are interested in serving in such a role for the ACM SIGMETRICS 2021 conference. The structure and mandate of the SIGMETRICS CARES committee will be formalized prior to the ACM SIGMETRICS 2022 event.

The CARES committee at SIGMETRICS 2021 consists of the following members: Sara Alouf (, Niklas Carlsson (, Giulia Fanti (, Carey Williamson ( These members are available to assist you and other members of our community who may have experienced or witnessed behaviors that violate the ACM policy against discrimination and harassment in relation to the conference. These committee members can either be contacted online during the conference or per email to facilitate and schedule initial discussions, including helping understand the reporting process to ACM. However, despite CARES, for the matter to be reported to ACM, it should be noted that the person experiencing the incident must still themselves submit the complaint to ACM, where it will be handled according to ACM’s policy.

For More Information

Here is a brief summary of ACM's key policies and procedures related to harassment, ethics, publications, and EDI-related matters:
  1. ACM Policy Against Harassment at ACM Events for issues related to harassment and discrimination. Reporting of incidents should be done via the online form available from the website FAQ about Reporting Unacceptable Behavior at ACM Activities.
  2. ACM Publications Board Policies and Procedures for issues related to review processes and publication. Of specific relevance to the SIGs are:
    • policy on roles and responsibilities in ACM publishing
    • policy on coercion and abuse in the ACM publications process
    • policy on plagiarism, misrepresentation, and falsification
    Reporting of violations of these publications policies should be done via the online form for Reporting Violations of ACM Publications Policies.
  3. ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for other ethics issues. Reporting of ethics violations should be done via email as indicated on the website describing the ACM Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedures.